About Us

About Us

HR Direction Online is a one-of-a-kind portal from HR Direction, the specialist HR and internal communication practice of R K SWAMY BBDO, a company that has been amongst the leaders in marketing communication in India, since it was established in 1973. This user friendly portal is designed for professionals from internal communication and HR streams. The portal provides easy access to over 1500 posters and e-mails designs - covering various facets of employee communication.

HR Direction Online lets you choose and use the design that best suits your communication objective, while giving you the freedom to customize/edit the text. You have the option of rendering the communication in any language of your choice, as long as your computer is equipped with those language fonts.

We are part of the R K SWAMY|HANSA Group which operates in marketing communication, social and rural communication, healthcare communication, market research, market analytics, market potential guides, market information, continuing medical education, digital communication, and a host of other marketing services. The group has presence in India and the USA and employs close to 1000 people in 20 specialist business offerings.

HR Direction was started in 2002, by communication professionals with keen insights into the behavior and attitudes that drive the career decisions of employees. This wealth of knowledge is translated into providing effective communication solutions that motivate employees and help these organizations become ‘Employer of Choice’.

Headquartered in Bangalore, HR Direction has its offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. The US marketing office is located in Evanston, Illinois.

HR Direction clients

Typically our clients are employee-centric by nature. They wish to establish a warm relationship with their employees, spanning their life cycle in the company - from the time an employee joins to the time he or she leaves the organization.

Our clients believe that employee communication is a strategic tool to attract and retain talent. They do this by constantly engaging with them at a conscious as well as a subliminal level. The communication also encourages their employees to realize their full potential.

Our client list includes the who's who across diverse industries - software development, IT, BPO, KPO, banking, insurance, manufacturing, food processing, project management, etc.


Campus Recruitment
Campus Visit Announcement
•  Why Join Us

Enhancing Belonging
•  Values, Vision and Mission

Goal Settings, Promotion & Appraisal
•  Goal Settings, Promotion and Appraisal

Employee Benefits
•  Concierge service
•  Entitlements, Claims and Reimbursements
•  Facilities
•  Internal Opportunities

Employee Referral
•  Employee Referrals

Employee Training & Development
•  Knowledge Sharing
•  Soft Skills and Leadership Training
•  Team Building
•  Technical Skill Development

•  Best Practices
•  Dress Code
•  Employee First
•  Ethics and Integrity
•  Flexi-time
•  No Smoking
•  Ombudsman
•  Open Door Policy
•  Taking Breaks\Punctuality

•  Best Practices and Accredition
•  Compliments and Accolades
•  Syndicated Industry Survey Results

Rewards & Recognition
•  Long Service Award
•  Performance Awards

Employee Motivation
•  Give your Best
•  Welcome to Our Company\Team

Corporate News
•  Business Update
•  Discard Rumors
•  Leadership Visit

Sales Force Communication
•  Build Relationships With Prospects
•  Develop Tough and Positive Attitude
•  Proven Sales Techniques
•  Understanding Customer

Cultural Vibrancy
•  Dance\Music\Theatre
•  Employee Bonding
•  Ethnic Day
•  Photography
•  Quizzes and Contests
•  Thanks Giving

•  Ethnic Festivals
•  Family Day
•  Office Get-togethers

Health & Wellness
•  Diabetes Examination Camp
•  Fitness Facility
•  Health Check-up
•  Heart examination camp
•  Holistic Health
•  Tips for Good Health

Beyond Work & Office
•  Sporting Events
•  Weekend Getaway