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Convenience & in control

HR Direction Online is a 24X7 self service model. You can choose from a vast repertoire of over 1500 ready-to-use designs of posters, and emails, add your logo and tweak the text just the way you want. You also have the provision to replace the existing image with the image of your choice. That is all it takes. You are now ready to send emails to your employees, or print posters from a color printer in your office and put them up at strategic locations in your premises. Naturally, you are now in complete control of the situation.

Employee communications topics

Our designs cover numerous HR or internal communication topics. These are neatly classified into categories – employee motivation, employee benefits communication, employee referral program, mentor program, corporate announcements, values/ vision/mission communication, reward & recognition program and many more. Just choose a topic and view the whole gamut of design options available to you.

Four easy steps to roll out employee/internal communication

1. Select a design of poster/email

2. Customize it by editing the text and adding other information, logo/image

3. Download the customized design on to your computer desktop

4. Print the A3 size poster using your office color printer. You can also email it.

    These four steps take less than 15 minutes!

Language options

You have the flexibility to adapt the designs to any language of your choice. Just upload the font to our server and render the message in any world language.

English Hindi Marati
  English   Hindi   Marathi
Tamil Japanese Russian
  Tamil   Japanese   Russian

Multi-user environment

Do many people in your organization need to use the services of HR Direction Online? Not a problem. Our website can support any number of users, who can work independently as well as share the designs.

New categories/topics

We add new categories and topics of employee/ internal communication regularly. What is more, if you want us to develop designs for a new category/ topic not currently covered by our website, please let us know about it. We’ll develop the designs and put them up in two weeks time.


Campus Recruitment
•  Campus Visit Announcement
•  Why Join Us

Enhancing Belonging
•  Values, Vision and Mission

Goal Settings, Promotion & Appraisal
•  Goal Settings, Promotion and Appraisal

Employee Benefits
•  Concierge service
•  Entitlements, Claims and Reimbursements
•  Facilities
•  Internal Opportunities

Employee Referral
•  Employee Referrals

Employee Training & Development
•  Knowledge Sharing
•  Soft Skills and Leadership Training
•  Team Building
•  Technical Skill Development

•  Best Practices
•  Dress Code
•  Employee First
•  Ethics and Integrity
•  Flexi-time
•  No Smoking
•  Ombudsman
•  Open Door Policy
•  Taking Breaks\Punctuality

•  Best Practices and Accredition
•  Compliments and Accolades
•  Syndicated Industry Survey Results

Rewards & Recognition
•  Long Service Award
•  Performance Awards

Employee Motivation
•  Give your Best
•  Welcome to Our Company\Team

Corporate News
•  Business Update
•  Discard Rumors
•  Leadership Visit

Sales Force Communication
•  Build Relationships With Prospects
•  Develop Tough and Positive Attitude
•  Proven Sales Techniques
•  Understanding Customer

Cultural Vibrancy
•  Dance\Music\Theatre
•  Employee Bonding
•  Ethnic Day
•  Photography
•  Quizzes and Contests
•  Thanks Giving

•  Ethnic Festivals
•  Family Day
•  Office Get-togethers

Health & Wellness
•  Diabetes Examination Camp
•  Fitness Facility
•  Health Check-up
•  Heart examination camp
•  Holistic Health
•  Tips for Good Health

Beyond Work & Office
•  Sporting Events
•  Weekend Getaway