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To select the poster templates you would like to work on

  1. Choose the category

  2. Choose the subcategory

  3. You have the option of selecting multiple posters and move them into your folder (My Folder) by clicking

    the check box under the poster and then click "Add to my folder". You can also edit a poster directly by

    clicking the Edit link under each poster.

  4. You can select as many as you would like to in a particular sub category

  5. Click the "Move to My Folder" (Blue button) to complete the selection

  6. All selections will be lost if you change the sub category before moving the selected items to your folder

To continue editing already saved poster

  1. Go to my folder

  2. Click on the image you want to edit

  3. Wait for the tool to load completely

  4. You will have the last edited version of the poster selected on the screen

To Edit the Text field

  1. Click on the Text element. The text content is ready for editing in the Text Box.

  2. After editing the text click Save button.

  3. You can change the font by selecting the font in the drop down list. The list would contain the common

    fonts that are installed in our server and the machine that you are working with. If you need to use a

    font that is not available in the list, please contact us.

  4. Font Size - A slider is provided to adjust the font size. Use the slider to fit the text accordingly.

  5. Text box size - A slider is provided to adjust the text box size.

  6. It is recommended that fix the box size first and then increase the font size to fit into the box.

  7. Choose the color from the drop down list to change the text color.

To add a text field

  1. Click the add text button

  2. Position the placeholder box in the canvas by holding the mouse button.

  3. Type the text content in the text box. You can also copy the content from your own text tool like

    notepad or word pad.

  4. Save the content by clicking save button

  5. Fix the size of the text box by using the slider

  6. Choose the font and adjust the size of the font by using the slider

  7. Choose the color from the drop down list to change the text color. The default is always black.

Saving the work

  1. Press preview button. The content would be saved automatically. There is no seperate button for saving.

  2. A low resolution image would appear in a separate window for your review.

  3. If you require multiple versions of the same poster, then click the "Save As" link. Enter the version

    reference in the text box for future use, and click 'OK'.

  4. The Poster will be saved in "My folder".

Inserting image

  1. The image that is provided along with the poster is not editable. You may add another image, a

    logo or multiple logos

  2. Click on add image button.

  3. Position the placeholder box in the canvas by holding the mouse button.

  4. All your uploaded logos/images will be displayed when you click on the Logo Placeholder.

  5. Click the image/logo and press save button

  6. Use the image resize slider to adjust the size of the logo/image

  7. Please note that the logo size on poster is constrained by the actual logo/image size

Deleting the Text box

  1. Select the text box to be deleted by clicking on the text. Click the delete Text button.

Deleting the Image box

  1. Select the Logo to be deleted by clicking on the image. Click the delete image button.

High Resolution JPEG Download

  1. In the preview window make sure that all the elements of the poster are to your satisfaction.

  2. Click A3 Poster link. After confirmation, a Zip file will be downloaded. The Zip file will have an A3

    version and Direct Mailer a version of the Poster.

  3. Your collateral credits will be reduced by one, every time you download an A3 poster or a Direct Mailer.

    Multiple downloads of the same poster will be treated as one credit only.